Monday, August 19, 2013

Shattered, broken and glued back together.

As the title says, I've been shattered, broken and now being slowly glued back together.

A few days before Memorial day weekend, my husband informed me, he no longer loved me and wanted out.  I was devistated.  It was a complete and utter shock to me, how could this be happening?  I just became a sahm again, I wasn't working, I loved him with all my heart.  How could this be for real, has to be a joke, right?  Right?!  Wrong!!!! 
I was pathetic, 12 years, just flushed down the toilet, how could this have happened?? We were happy, weren't we? 

I spent a good month, exercising my heart out, it was my outlet, it held me together.  Along with my boys, of course!!

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Very proud of the numbers lost right there!!!  Several inches as well!  Slowly, I became only broken.

 I'm still very much in shock, how quickly my life has changed, how quickly everything is gone, how everything means so little.

Fast forward to now.  My life is a mess, I've gone back to work at my old job, I've made some new friends, I'm even seeing someone.  The boys are doing fantastic, thankfully the doodles are just too little, they won't remember much, if anything at all, except, that mommy made it out, alive.

I am happy.   
My theme song, it's helped beyond words.


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