Friday, March 4, 2011

Potty Training

I can't for the life of me, figure out how often I should be posting.  Once a week...couple weeks.  Whatever really works, right?

The kiddo and I have been sick as heck, nasty sinus colds. Cranky, drippy, coughy..yuck!   Somehow, even though he is sick, he has managed to be the most amazing little guy, ever.  We have been working on potty training for over a year now, all we managed was no diapers during the day.  He's great, no accidents, ever.  Just one tiny little thing...he won't poop with out one!  I have tried everything from bribes to me falling down crying.   As soon as he has to go, he b-lines for the bathroom and grabs a diaper and runs it back to me. 

In an attempt to rid our house of diapers forever, I took the step of getting rid of them at night.   Figure, he doesn't have one on at night, he may not want to poop in one, right?  Wrong! 

However, now that it's day #2, the other #2 has decided he can't wait anymore.  He went digging around in diaper bags, purses, closests, drawers.  He ripped the house apart just to find that diaper!   I had him sit on the potty for a couple mins at a time, but nope.  I can not for the life of me get rid of them!

Day #1  Completely  dry in the morning!
Day #2  Completely dry in the morning!

I did wake him to go twice in the middle of the night, once just a little after 11 and once around 2 when I was headed to bed.   So he's not completely dry, but I can handle this until he gets the hang of it. 

*We have to always try to remember, he is about the age of 2 in his development, so even though he's 4, we have to work with him.



You should post everyday. Just kidding.

Potty training is so stressful isn't it?
Thanks heavens for disposable diapers and pullups. I can't imagine what my ancestors went through with potty training in an outhouse! oy!

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