Wednesday, November 9, 2011

27 Weeks and counting!

Well, I guess it's been awhile!   I've been working for the past month and a half or so now, which has been pretty rough, but well worth the extra money in the house!   Baby Ryan is doing well so far, he is 27 weeks and snuggled up safely inside! :)  They have told me either I make big babies, which is probably part of the case or part of my GD, Ryan is already in the 96th percentile!  I'm fully expecting another big baby!

The cloth diaper journey is soooo overwhelming!  I keep seeing this brand or that.  First it was Sunbaby, then Alvas, now Babyland! lol  I just want something cheap that's going to WORK!   I'd also like to get what I need purchased and get it done with.  So we'll see how this works out!
I'm still making the newborn stage, but with him going to be big and all, I'm hoping the size will fit for at least a few weeks!

Riley has been amazing lately!  He's picked up SO many new words!  It's like he's finally taking off and gaining a vocabulary that more than just we can understand!  I'm so very proud of my big boy!!

Couple more weeks to thanksgiving and my goodness the time is just FLYING by this pregnancy!  I haven't gained any weight yet, lets hope I can keep it that way for at least a little while yet! :P


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