Monday, June 20, 2011

Cloth Diapers

First of all Happy Father's day!! (Though this post is posted the day after, I did start it yesterday, never got around to finishing.)  Hubby and I put up some new blinds on the porch and in my laundry room.  The ones in my laundry room were SO old, they were falling apart, the string literally fell off when I pulled them up to clean last. lol   I didn't work him too hard though, on Fathers day, no worries!  The idea to replace them all was mostly his idea anyhow, we had a great family day!

Though it is very early yet.  My first OB/GYN visit is not until July 5th.  I have decided this time around, I am going to use Cloth Diapers.   I am not only going to use them, I am going to make them myself!   I figured, I best get an early start if I am going to do it, since my projects tend to sit around sometimes.  I will be making gender neutral just in case we decide to not find out.

I am a bit confused about what type of cloth material to use, but I have decided I am going to do the All in two (AI2) method.  That looks to be the easiest for our particular needs, especially drying.  I am going to look into snaps, but unless they carry a cheap press at one of the local stores, I am going to just go with the velcro type closures.  I think velcro may be easiest for hubby and grandparents, at least to start out.

Here is the pattern I came across that I will be making.  I am going to make both Newborn and Mediums.
Cloth Revolotion Diapers from Tutu Mafia

So far, I am still lacking on info for the material on the inner layer, I will be doing the stuffing method, so I believe this does make a difference.  I had thought to get two types of fabric, printed for the outer and a corresponding plain color for the inner. I found some super cute fleece fabric for $3 a yard, but I'm unsure if this is the type of inner material that can be used. The second is washing instructions.  I have come across so much information about this that I am beyond lost.  If you are able to make soakers out of cheap cotton from thrift stores, does it then need to be washed with a specific soap?  Yeah, confusing much! lol

Oh, just to add, hubby is as excited as he gets about all things baby, but he is wishing for a girl!  He even said we need to start thinking about names, he has dibs this time around. lol!


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