Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That

What another post, so soon?!

I'm a little excited, one more week until I see my OB, seems like it's months away!  I'm really hoping for an u/s since they say he has been doing them at 8wks, and I will just be a couple days past!   I'm not exactly sure why he's waiting until 8wks to see me though... I have my otc prenatals, but still!

School starts back up this week!  My little guy will finally have somebody more than mommy to play with!  This is also wonderful, just for the simple fact that I can NOT beat this nausea.  Ugh!
I took Riley over to the local elementary school park, I had no idea it was open for the public when school was out! It's a 5 min walk from us and we are just NOW figuring this out? Go figure, terrible mommy for not thinking to even look!   He had such a blast, there were no little kids, but he loved climbing and sliding just the same.

He has been so eager in fact, the other day he tried to start walking across the neighbors yard yelling, "Lets go!" back at me.   I guess that means we will be making a couple trips a week to keep him, busy!

Cloth diaper material shopping this weekend!!  Even more exciting! hehe  I WILL make these diapers, work!  I'm just curious as to how to test them, since it will be quite a bit of time until the baby is born between making them.  I was planning on making 24 newborn diapers and 24 mediums, just to be on the safe side.  I guess I could try to pick a sized one to Riley's and test an over night diaper, since he does still have accidents, may save me some sheet laundry.

At least I have something a little more to blog about, maybe I'll spam myself with nonsense over the next 8 months!


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